Italians in London | Italians in London Roberta La Placa
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# 30

Roberta La Placa

Photo and concept by © Rob Venom 2022

I am born in Genoa before moving to London I lived in Genoa. I was PA in a computer company. I am passionate of acting, dancing tango, writing and photography.
What do you do in your life in London?
I am sales Manager leisure Uk for a resort in Sardinia. I promote the hotel in UK. I am addictive of doing courses. I do acting courses, creative writing courses, Tango lessons.
What is the reason to leave Italy and come to London?
3) Company where I used to work went bankrupted and my boyfriend split up with me.
What were your best and worst experiences in London.
The best experience was realized my dream to work in hotel industry. My worst experience was the process to buy a house.
I asked you to choose a place in London that you like or you are tied to, what was your choice and why you made it?
Willesden Green and Kensal Rise. I used to leave in these areas for 15 year changing 3 houses.
During your early times in London, did you have any problem?
I shared the flat with a boy who had some mental problem. I left the house at 4am in the morning when he was sleeping. I went back to take my suitcase in the house with my 2 male friends to collect my suitcases.
What do you think about this project?
I really believe is great and thank you so much for the passion you put on this project, for the time you dedicated to it and to show to the public how each person is a masterpiece and unique.
How do you think you could support and promote Italian culture? 
To participate to the independent project, going to the event of Italian Cultural Institute event, participating to book presentation at Italian Bookshop, don’t loose our Italianity and support our culture spreading out our knowledge.