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The vision

The vision, in its simplicity, is actually very complex and fired up by my passions like sociology, anthropology, the history of the cinema and the relationship between man and the territory. I love reading stories of the men and the women who have managed to build themselves up and establish themselves in distant places.
Heroes of this project: Italians who have decided to leave their motherland in seek for a better life abroad in a unique city like London.


London by definition it is not a place (non lieu – Non-lieux. Introduction à une anthropologie de la surmodernité by Marc Augé) .
It is mostly populated by citizens of the world and by people passing by that came specifically for the opportunities that this city offers both for work and personal growth.
It is a cultural melting pot.
It is a city that cannot leave indifferent, you either love it or hate it.
Living in London is a unique experience, which enters your soul without any chance of resistance. It forces you to rhythms that have no equal, it is a city that even if it gives you a lot asks you a lot in return.
Everyone who moves to London needs time to adapt, which varies from person to person but that is never immediate and painless.
London is the largest metropolis in Europe and is, by number of Italians present, the fourth largest city after Milan, Rome and Naples.


The Italians who come to London do it for the most different reasons, some choose to come in search of meritocracy looking for opportunities that Italy did not provide, others because in this city everything is possible… and finally because the British administrative and financial and the London model in particular is structured to generate and facilitate businesses and the birth of many start-ups.
The life and professional stories of the many Italians in London are very different from each other but often have common traits. Many are Italians who have felt the need and desire to reinvent themselves or move to a place where they were allowed to express themselves at the best of their professional capabilities.
The relationship with the city for some is idyllic, for others is hell.
Some came to London with the idea of ​​pursuing a profession and then found themselves doing, with satisfaction, something completely different.
Some have fallen but they had the opportunity to start over again and often it was for the best.


The project is therefore an engaging interweaving of places, people, stories, situations, opportunities and various forms of humanity.
London is a large canvas on where many stories are painted with the infinite nuances of many Italians.
Rob Venom  ©2023