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Monica Olivieri

Photo and concept by © Rob Venom 2022

I was born in Campi Salentina ( Lecce). I lived in Rome before London and I was a food marketing/communication/events expert, like here. My big passion is food and music.
What do you do in your life in London?
I’m a mum of 2 girls so I don’t go out quite often,but everytime I can, I love eating out or going to the British Museum. I’m a freelancer and I work in the food industry.
What is the reason to leave Italy and come to London?
Love: love for my man, love towards my daughters because I wanted to ensure them a better future, love for London that is inside my dreams since I was 6 years old, love for myself because this city is my cure.
What were your best and worst experiences in London.
Just good experiences. The best one was the party I had for my 4 years old daughter to ‘break the ice’ with her schoolmates.She is attending a school where the 90% of pupils are muslim,a very conservative and close community one, but when we had the party 6 children on 26 came and I was the happiest mum, ever. It doesn’t matter how many but how good they were.
I asked you to choose a place in London that you like or you are tied to, what was your choice and why you made it?
The Cutty Sark, because it was the first place, the first shelter that my oldest daughter saw when we moved from Rome to London. Also it’s the place that I look at everyday and it reminds me the voyage, the passage, the transformation.
During your early times in London, did you have any problem?
What do you think about this project?
It’s really personal but at the same time very communal. It’s interesting to see how such different people are all gathered under the same aim : talking about our relationship with this city.
How do you think you could support and promote Italian culture? 
Showing, bringing, explaining, what is the real Italian food here.