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# 11

 Domenico Bonadio

Photo and concept by © Rob Venom 2022

Born in Padova and breed in Conegliano.
I lived in Conegliano for 25 years and after my degree in  “enology and viticulture science and technology”, I was working as oenologist for the UK biggest Prosecco Producers when I decided to improve my English.
What do you do in your life in London?
I’m running an Import/Export wine and spirits Company in the UK. As all the new business at the early stage, this baisically absorbes completley all my day, but!
I like to spend my free time going to concerts and improving my English… as my teacher used to say: “the best way to improve your English is sitting on the pub, drinking a pint and speaking with strangers… real Brit culture mate, cheers!”.
I’m not confident about my English level, instead I’m quite proud of my knowledge about the “Ales culture”…if you know what I mean.
What is the reason to leave Italy and come to London?
In 2015I decided to move to Cambridge, for an English course and an internship with an English wine merchants Company.
During this experience, I realized that most of the Italian wines produced in the North East of Italy (where I come from) were not properly represented… well, at least according to my opinion!
Therefore, I decided to open my own distribution Company, specialised in wines covering the Italian mainland of the Serenissima (The Most Serene Republic of Venice).
The business started in Cambridge but step by step it developed in London as well.
What were your best and worst experiences in London.
The biggest problems I faced in London was the huge amount of competitors
and the mouses on the tube! I can’t stand those “little” creatures when they are so close to me!
But I love the Londoner foxes – I think that they eat those little creatures! It is always a pleasure seeing those wild animals coming out from the most unexpected corner of the Capital.
Speaking about the foxes: my best experience since I have arrived is when the Leicester City ran by Mr. Ranieri won the Premier League title.
I took part at “la macchinata ignorante” (littery: “the ignorant car”) on the 7th May 2016, when thousands and thousands of Italians decided to cross the entire continent to join the celebration of the title, in Leicester. That has been absolutley terrific!
I asked you to choose a place in London that you like or you are tied to, what was your choice and why you made it?
The place in London which I am more tied to is The Wharf and Tower hill, outside the wall of the Tower of London.
In that area, there is a small square that had a ceremonial role during the arrival of foreign dignitaries before they entered the City. Since the 16th-century guns have been fired from the Wharf in those occasions, and there is a painting located in the square that shows the arrival of the Venetian Ambassador in 1700 (… stuffed with wine, 100% sure about it!).
What do you think about this project?
I think that this project is very useful to show the importance of the Italian culture in the Uk, especially during the hard time post-Brexit, and the will of the Italian community to maintain the good relationship with Her Majesty’s subjects.
How do you think you could support and promote Italian culture? 
Of course, Venice is a flagship of the beauty of the Italian culture, as well as an example of cohesion between different cultures.
I think that my role is also sharing these messages, and that probably it is easier using a product that the English culture seems to appreciate very well: wine.