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privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We guarantee full compliance with European and national legislation of rules provided for the privacy protection , explicitly confirming our attentive participation to the provision of regulation Gdpr n.679 / 2016 with all its ramifications, and especially all that concerns the clause from 13 to 22 , and the clause 34.
Specifically, you can contact controller of the data protection Rob Venom (author’s alias), by contacting him at the email address: for any information, correction, changes or cancellation you wish about the data concerning you.
We guarantee that the collected data will not be used for purposes other than those explicitly agreed, if not explicitly granted will not be disclosed to third parties, and will be preserved and protected by adopting appropriate methods.
We would like to thank you for the trust that you place in us, and we would like to reciprocate by paying close attention to the processing of your information

cookie policy

Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text strings that the websites such as save into your device when you first access them. Cookies are mainly, but not only, used to optimize and facilitate your browsing experience at a specific website by remembering your preferences and to allow the website owner to carry out statistics.

What are they for?

There different kind of cookies. Our website only uses technical third party cookies and DO NOT use any other cookie to collect personal information nor those finalised to send you commercial or advertising contents. Here below we list cookies categories.

Browsing cookies:

When you return to a previously visited website, these cookies improve your browsing experience by remembering your browser about your language preference, your country etc.

Functional cookies:

These allow your browser to recognise you as the user and speed up authentication when accessing restricted areas. This way you won’t need to enter your personal details again and again.

Analytics cookies:

These are used to carry out statistics. They collect information about the number of visitors and their browsing behaviours. This website uses the system to monitor navigation.
It’s part of the service provided by Google Inc., which is transmitted through the third-party cookies, collected and managed in aggregate form to track and improve website performance.

The data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google as indicated in the information available at the following link:

If you wish to disable analytics cookies and stop Google collecting browsing data from your device , please go to:

On this website, we made Google IP data collection anonymous. For more information, please go to:

Social Network cookies:

These allow your social account to interact with our website. Social Network cookies “plugin”, use is aimed at sharing the contents of a website on social networks or authentication via your account social, involving the transmission of third party cookies (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pintrest, and the like). The user can view the information regarding the management of the same on the following link:

How do I manage cookies in my device?

Please follow one of the links below on the base of the browser you use:
Internet Explorer:

Our website only uses technical third party cookies and DO NOT use any other cookie to collect personal information nor those finalised to send you commercial or advertising contents.

These cookies may enable certain functions, without which it would not be possible to fully utilize the website and are transferred to the user’s device only during the session of browser usage.
These cookies can be deactivated and / or deleted through the browser settings.
Browsing this website you may also receive cookie “third-party” set directly by site managers or web server other than this one, and which it manages, see below. If the user decides not to grant permission for the use of third-party cookies may be used only functions of the site do not require such cookies.

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