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Elisabetta Corda

Photo and concept by © Rob Venom 2022

My name is Elisabetta and I was born 30 years ago in Carbonia, a very small town in Sardinia. At the age of 18 I started the school of Architecture in Cagliari and there I lived until I took my degree. I tried to work as a architect there for a little while and then in one day I decided to emigrate to London.
I am passionate about art, vintage, photography, animal rights and spirituality.
What do you do in your life in London?
I work with my partner in life for our own firm, doing branding and interior design. We integrate arts and competences we achieved with the design, always trying to make choices with a low environmental impact, using vintage items and materials produced locally, trying also to support local artists rather then buying from big companies online.
During my free time I love going to music festivals, vintage and vegan markets and concerts.
What is the reason to leave Italy and come to London?
I spent years of my life watching MTV in my little town and dreaming to live in a huge metropolis with a cat, surrounded by musicians and artists and doing a creative and not-well-defined job. London was silently calling and as soon as I understood my country had nothing more to offer me, I just ran away. Now I am actually living the dream, doing what I love and what I am good at, always surrounded by creative people, beautiful music and my black cat.
What were your best and worst experiences in London.
My best experience is have found Mindesign Creative with my partner. Without knowing anyone, without recommendations, almost without savings and from scratch, only counting on our dreams, skills and efforts.
The worst experience was when I have been broke because of dodgy people, I felt lost and I had to stay strong.
I asked you to choose a place in London that you like or you are tied to, what was your choice and why you made it?
I have chosen Portobello Market because is one of the places which inspires me most, with all that beautiful antique shops. I love having a walk through it and look for curiosities, ask the story behind a piece of furniture and take pictures.
During your early times in London, did you have any problem?
Who hasn’t? The house is very important for me, find a good one took time. It was the same for the job, at the beginning I wasn’t even sure what career I wanted for myself. Although I was really enthusiast about everything, every street had something new, every people I met had a crazy story to tell. It was really stimulant and inspiring.
What do you think about this project?
I think it will give an interesting idea on how our community is evolving, I always feel a sense of family when I know more about an Italian in London. I also believe this is a product of someone who loves and believes in what he does, that’s why I agreed to be a part of it.
How do you think you could support and promote Italian culture? 
I think Italy is going through a really decadent and depressive moment of its history, in particular for my generation. I won’t lie, there are things of Italy that embarrass me and make me angry, but I can see Italianity in a lot of things I do that I am happy for, when I design or receive guests at home for instance. I still feel first a citizen of the world. What I do to support is sharing what I am learning here in terms of business with who bravely decided to stay and invest in my home town.